Radical Beauty Rider


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Dr Deepak Chopra, bestselling author of Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul, and Kimberly Snyder, superstar nutritionist and bestselling author of The Beauty Detox Solution, offer an exciting and practical programme to help transform you from the inside out. Through six pillars of healthy living that focus on such topics as internal and external nourishment, sleep, living naturally, avoiding excessive stress, and better understanding the relationship between emotions and inflammatory foods, the authors offer radical routines and radical foods that will have the best impact on your body and mind.By revealing the latest information on new key vitamins for your metabolism, the use of healthy skincare ingredients, how skin oiling and self-massage can nourish the nervous system, and how positive emotion-based living and peace foster natural and timeless beauty, Chopra and Snyder will help you develop a more healthy body and mind, as well as increase your natural glow, magnetic presence and radiant vitality.ISBN: 9781846046537Kod paskowy: 9781846046537Autorzy: Chopra Deepak, Snyder KimberlyRok wydania: 2020Kod wydawcy: 62544Liczba stron: 342Oprawa: MiękkaPKWiU: 58.11.1Format: 15.0×22.0cmGłębokość (mm): 24Waga: 0.4Języki: angielskiGrupa towarowa: Książka

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