Phonology of Polish

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This book is the most complete phonology of contemporary Polish ever published. It is topic-oriented and presents the fundamental characteristics and problems associated with each topic, among them syllable structure, vowel-zero alternations, palatalizations, and other vowel and consonant changes. Professor Gussmann re-examines assumptions about phonological contrasts and alternations, and raises and addresses central questions in morphophonology. He takes morphophonology to be systematically separate from phonology. Palatalizations, he shows, are crucial to Polish, as both phonological and morphophonological phenomena: their detailed description leads him to a systematic presentation of vocalic alternations. The book develops a Government Phonology account of Polish, but is primarily a description of the language with the model subordinated to the organization of data. All the many examples used to illustrate the presentation are transcribed in standard IPA, and translated. This important book will interest all scholars and advanced students of Polish and Slavic phonology. intelligent, interesting, and thought-provoking. This is in-disputably a book of great importance and impeccable scholarship. Mark J. Elson, Slavic and East European Journal Theoretical incisiveness and data coverage unquestionably make The Phonology of Polish unrivalled among exisitng publications in the area. All significant issues raised earlier in the literature are discussed in it and supplied with novel interpretations, including structure of the syllable, palatalizations, qualitative alternations of vowels, vowel-zero alternations, nasality and voicing. Bulletin of the Polish Linguistic Society …examples are well presented and easily accessible to the reader, and are an invaluable source of data for future research on Polish. ..this book makes an important contribution to the study of Polish. Ania Lubowicz, PhonologySpis treści:Introduction: Sounds, Letters, and Theories; 1. Some Theoretical Hurdles; 2. Palatalizations and the Vowel System; 3. The Morphophonology of Polish Palatalizations; 4. Structure of the Syllable and the Vowel Presence; 5. Morphophonology of Vowel Alternations; 6. Voice and Voice-Related Phenomena; References; General Index; Index of Polish Words

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