Join In Teacher’S Book 3


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This fun course for young learners aged 7-10 years provides a motivating and enjoyable way to learn English. There are four levels plus an optional Starter Level. Join In is easy to use and features lots of delightful characters – children will love joining in the songs and action stories with Toby the Tiger! The course is based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences which means that it contains a variety of activities to meet the needs of children with differing learning styles. Optional extras, such as videos, flashcards, holiday packs and CD-ROMs, provide additional activities and practice. Key Features, – Lots of enjoyable activities and fun characters to motivate children to learn. – An optional CD-ROM full of games and activities. Includes a Help! option in ten different languages! – Holiday Packs full of puzzles and games for children to do at home or in the holidays. (Contains a colour activity book and audio cassette.) – Free photocopiable tests available for each level (contact your Cambridge University Press representative for details).

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, igor igor
, kiełpino
, zakończenia maila
, kurs księgowości i stopnia
, porównanie pdf
, praca w ue bez znajomosci jezyka
, plansze architektoniczne
, stopniowanie przysłówków angielski ćwiczenia
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, gry o fortepianie
, miła angielska
, ulica sezamkowa po angielsku