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Essential language practice for tourist industry professionals.Who is it for?* People working or training to work in all areas of the tourist industry.Key features* Teaches essential vocabulary for tourism in the nineties.* Provides relevant, thorough practice in all four language skills.* Contains 20 units covering all aspects of tourism, including growth areas such as special interest holidays and conference organizing.* Appeals to students worldwide through the use of international settings.* Presents clearly-structured units, with at least one listening section, a language study section with practice exercises, and an activity section.* Features reading and letter-writing sections.* Includes a word list of core vocabulary in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Turkish and Japanese.ComponentsStudents Book* 20 units covering different areas of tourism* tapescripts of the dialogues* seven-language word listWorkbook* additional exercises and activities* answer keyTeachers Book* detailed teaching notes* answer keyCassette* recordings of the dialogues and many reading passages* a variety of native and non-native speakers

anna garbarczyk
, ulisses krzyżówka
, logopeda oświęcim
, up logowanie
, stopniowanie przymiotników angielski boring
, krzysztof dudek
, gry i zabawy ruchowe dla seniorów
, ang nieregularne
, francuski pisarz
, praca nauczyciel stargard
, najtrudniejsze angielskie słowo
, paweł zdanowicz
, kurs j angielskiego online
, język portugalski
, szkoła hiszpańskiego wrocław
, jezyk polski rozszerzony matura 2021
, metoda przemieszczeń
, angielski warszawa ochota